Where did you start as a freelancer?

Upon realizing that I wanted to shift career, I immediately made plans on how I would be able to do it. First, I made sure that I had enough savings to finance my expenses while I was looking for a job. Second, I built my portfolio by accepting as many jobs as I could do.

What are the gadgets you should have as a freelancer?

You need a decent laptop that you could use as a freelancer. Something that has long battery capabilities so you can work unplugged for hours. Also, you need your own mobile internet in case you will be in places where the internet is a bit challenging.

How do you manage your time and juggle your responsibilities?

As mentioned in some of my articles, you need to be able to set up your daily routine in a way that will make it easy for your body to adjust to working without going to the office and a boss who will constantly check up on you. This is important so you can avoid procrastinating.

Do you pay taxes?

It depends on the country where I work and on my clients. But as much as possible, I pay my taxes to avoid any legal problems. Also, I make sure that I am fully engaged in the community and help out in any way I can so I can also contribute to the place where I am currently stationed. 

How much are you making as a freelancer?

It’s difficult to say an exact number but it increases over time depending on your capabilities and capacities as a freelancer. You really need to have your own niche and at the same time, gain expertise on the skills that you have. In that way, your value will increase.

What’s the greatest challenge as a digital nomad?

The greatest challenge and also the biggest advantage is the lifestyle. But if you have a weak personality, it will be easy to get eaten by the lifestyle of a digital nomad. However, if you know for yourself that you can focus on your goals, then go ahead!