Life of a Digital Nomad

Life of a Digital Nomad

I’ve been a digital nomad for a few years now and it has changed my life tremendously. I thought at first, you will get away with all your routines and you will have a carefree life. I thought it’s all about having fun and new experiences. But living my life as a digital nomad, it taught me a lot of things that changed my perspective about being a digital nomad.

 Routine and Discipline is a Part of a Nomad’s Life 

Yes. You need to set-up your own routine and be disciplined enough to follow your own routine. This is important so you can have some consistency in your life. This will help you focus on the things that you should be doing and accomplish as many things as you should as a nomad. It might be tempting to just be carefree but this is the reason why many nomads fail in this lifestyle. They think that they have all the time in the world but in reality, they don’t.

However, once you have already set up a routine, you will be able to make more time for your other activities. It will help you free up some time so you can also do other things like learning a new skill, or just chill.

Save Before You Spend

This is an important learning that I got as a digital nomad. I need to save money first before I can live a comfortable life. At first, I tried to be frugal with all my expenses. I tried to live in a cheap apartment that will not burn my cash. That was during my first few years because I still haven’t built my savings. 

But now that I already have savings and more consistent clients, I can now afford to live in a great villa and spend on things that I would have skipped before.

Pay it Forward to the Community 

This is also an essential part of being a digital nomad. You need to be integrated with the community by doing some volunteer work and helping out so the community will also benefit from your presence.


3 thoughts on “Life of a Digital Nomad

  1. Sandy says:

    Setting up a routine is an important aspect of being a nomad or it will be easy to get lost and be unproductive. My daily routine involves finishing my own daily exercises and meditation and getting my work done before lunch so I can spend my afternoon studying new skills.

  2. Lena L. Filkins says:

    Volunteering is the best! While I was a digital nomad in Vietnam, I volunteer to teach English to a community school. I was able to learn more about the Vietnamese culture and was able to create better connections with the locals learning their customs and language.

  3. Justin says:

    I do agree with everything that you have said here. Living a life as a digital nomad is not as glorified as others make it seem to be. There are a lot of hard work involved and you might need to adjust so you can really benefit from the lifestyle.

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