Top Asian Countries for Digital Nomads

Top Asian Countries for Digital Nomads 

The following is a list of cities that is great for digital nomads and those that are starting.


This city is a great one for a variety of reasons. First, a lot of investors are here so if you are thinking of starting your own startup, you will find a lot of opportunities to network with people who might help you accomplish your goal. Also, this city has an amazing infrastructure and internet connection that can allow you to do your job seamlessly. 


This is a favorite amongst the digital nomads from the west. This tropical city is filled with buzzling lifestyle that will give you an opportunity to discover new cultures as well as other people from all over the world. And also, the cost of living here is way cheaper as compared to other Asian countries, meaning your salary can go a long way. You are also near some famous tourist spots and beaches that can take away your stress whenever work is becoming unbearable for you.


Like Hongkong, this great city is known for those who have the intention to make a startup or create their own business. Singapore is very friendly to those who are building their own businesses. Their tax laws are very helpful to those who are just starting out. And creating your own business is such a breeze here especially if you ask for help from those who already did it before.


The community of digital nomads and start-up entrepreneurs is increasing in Bali everyday. More and more people are adding to the population who are enjoying the vibe and culture in this tropical island. Aside from blessed with amazing scenery, you will also have the best infrastructure as high speed internet is available in this island. At the same time, you won’t miss the buzzling social life as there are several events all over the island that you can attend. If you are already tired, you can visit beaches and other smaller islands around Bali and discover more of what it has to offer.


3 thoughts on “Top Asian Countries for Digital Nomads

  1. Timothy S. Lee says:

    Hongkong is a bit overrated. It’s very expensive and it’s just like any other western city. But the article is correct that money is here. There are many expats and investors in this city that can help you if you are looking for an investor for your business.

  2. Dora S. Vickers says:

    I love Thailand! I’ve been there around five times already and the people there are warm and friendly. You will also meet a lot of digital nomads in almost any place. Just be careful on who to trust. It would be better to make connections first before even going to Thailand.

  3. Donald L. Murillo says:

    Bali is amazing! I’ve been living here for the past three years and I think I will stay here for good. Although, you need to be careful with choosing your location here because not every place has a good internet connection. But the view and the food, amazing! You can’t get any better somewhere else.

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