Top Skills for Digital Nomads

Top Skills for Digital Nomads

The game drastically changed for digital nomads nowadays. More and more people are deciding to abandon their day jobs, pack their bags and go full digital as they explore the world. There are some who found success in this kind of lifestyle. But there are also those who were not as lucky.

Fortunately, if you want to become one, you just need to know some of the necessary skills that you need to have in order to be an in demand digital nomad. Remember that there is a lot of competition so you need to stand out and offer more values as compared to other people.

Digital Marketing

This is a basic skill that any digital nomad should have. You should be very knowledgeable about social media, community management and even email marketing. Also, more and more companies and businesses are in need of a digital marketer who knows about the technical side and at the same time, who can execute the creative requirement. If you still don’t have this skill, then there are many free courses online that will walk you through the steps of becoming a kick-ass digital marketer.

Photo and Video Editing

Photo and video manipulation skills are also in demand nowadays Aside from being able to take them yourselves, you should be able to use different tools in order to give them great appearance to be used in different campaigns and promotional materials. There are many great tools that you should learn how to use such as adobe creative suite. You might have to invest a little bit for the license but the financial rewards that you might get with it could be limitless.

Advance Excel and Research Skills

This is also an in demand area in the world of online jobs because a lot of people and businesses need someone who can do outstanding research for their businesses. Also, excel formatting and programming is one of the top needs of businesses and it will really give you more opportunities in the future. This kind of job can allow you to earn more.


7 thoughts on “Top Skills for Digital Nomads

  1. Gary says:

    That’s true, you need the above skills so you can be hirable. Right now, the challenge is there are so many cheap labor online. Your advantage could be the quality of your work, so make sure that you learn quickly and you give out results fast so your clients will continue hiring you.

  2. Rachel J. says:

    Yes, it’s hard to compete with Indians and other cheap labor out there but then you’ll realize that clients who are willing to pay will pay you big bucks if you can deliver outstanding results. So just continue gaining the expertise in the niche that you think you will shine.

  3. Gabriel J. Champlin says:

    Just a question though, where did you learn those skills? I am a bit hesitant to be a digital nomad because I don’t know if I have the skills right now but I am very willing to learn. I have been looking for so many tutorials online and I still could not decide the best one.

  4. Kurt says:

    The emergence of digital jobs online became the gateway for digital nomads. Many people are still hesitant to be doing this job because of the instability of income, but if you come to think of it, many careers have sprouted in the past 2 years that are so much demanding as the ones we have before.

  5. Kevin says:

    Most digital nomads that I personally know are experts on html and web design. I think these skill set is very important to be hired and stay on the job 🙂

    1. Michael Gaines says:

      I think the best skill set to stay hired is the willingness to learn. Most people have to be more open to new ideas actually. LOL

  6. Jonas says:

    Digital nomads are the most coveted species these days. They can still work at the comfort and protection of their homes.

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